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Number of Fellow Citizens Using 3D Printers Is Increasing

“The main thing is idea. After a few years, 3D printing will be an integral part of everyday life because its capabilities are great. A possibility of this technology is colossal,” says Dmitriy Dudnik, one of those who are actively implementing these technologies.

“We have been using conventional plastic and environmentally friendly plastic based on corn and sugarcane so far. We want to try new types, such as silicone, nylon and rubber. There are six colors of the material in stock.”

The most difficult thing for professionals working with printers of this generation is preparing to print. Sometimes it takes a few days to draw object in a special computer program. Printing is also slow process. During the day, a printer turns only 100 g of plastic to the product. Moreover, the machine cannot always print the product as a whole. The solution is a creation of parts, which are subsequently collected in a single whole.

First, Dmitry printed animal figurines using 3D printer, created different volume patterns. The most memorable was the elephant in size of 240H200H40 mm, since it was the biggest figure printed. It was necessary to print the body, head and ears separately, and then connect them.

“New technologies offer tremendous opportunities for those who seek originality and individuality. With their help, you can create a unique interior accessories and clothing. I have created a picture-light using the printer. A painting under illumination is particularly expressive. The lamp is designed so that the image can be changed. The second project is conducted with fashion designers of They are engaged in a bow tie production. I have recently printed few test copies with an exclusive design.”

The entrepreneur also helps to repair faulty equipment. Using 3D technology, they recreate the worn out parts of household appliances.

Dmitry Dudnik is convinced that 3D printing is a promising new niche in the market, which will soon be appreciated by those who want to translate their ideas into reality.

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