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Major IT Development Projects: Prospects for the Second Half of 2016

Seven priority directions of development of IT-technologies in the second half of 2016 have been determined.

The implementation of these projects was discussed at the Board of the Ministry for Development of Information and Communication Technologies. So, for the next six months, is scheduled commissioning of the central database of e-government data (database of individuals and entities, directories and classifiers).

Besides, a number of complex information systems will also be commissioned, including interdepartmental integration platform, unified identification system, and information systems complexes License, Inspection, etc.

SPISS experts will focus on introducing more than thirty new advanced interactive services to citizens and business entities.

The work will continue on the further implementation and development of modern information and communication technologies in the enterprises of the real sector of the economy.

Among the projects - the further development of broadband Internet access based on fiber-optic communication lines, the establishment of the data center for e-government system, as well as improving the reliability of telecommunication networks, information protection and information security.

It is also projected to accelerate the adoption of organizational and technical measures to create the conditions of new information resources to meet the information and intellectual needs of the population, especially the younger generation.

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