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Бош саҳифа / IT / E-Procurement Replaced the Traditional

E-Procurement Replaced the Traditional

Experts at the Republican Commodity Exchange of Uzbekistan note the positive dynamics in the development of e-procurement.

In particular, the volume of state procurements increased by 18 per cent compared with June last year, and budget savings exceeded 11 billion 900 million soums.

In June, deals to 9 billion 700 million soums were made in the electronic catalog system for state procurement, which exceeds the previous year by 22.2 per cent.

The volume of corporate procurement in ‘E-xarid’ system increased by 45 per cent. Cash savings at that has been increased by 71.5 per cent, and amounted 8 billion 900 million soums. During the auction selling an average of 15 counter-proposals were received for each request.

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