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Data Processing Center of ‘Electronic Government’ Will Be Built in Tashkent

The agreement on the construction of the data processing center for e-government was achieved during the visit of Islam Karimov to South Korea this year, and it is expected the arrival of Korean experts in July.

The estimated cost of the project is $ 30 million. Korea’s Eximbank will finance 85% of the project, while the remaining funds will be provided by the Uzbek side. The First Deputy Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of Uzbekistan Alisher Faizullaev dwelled upon this.

“Today, the data processing center of the UZINFOCOM Center gets used, but its capacity is not enough for the implementation of the projects that we are planning to launch. In this connection, it was decided to build a data processing center specifically for e-government,” said Faizullaev.

He also added that the equipment supplier has not been determined, as the project documentation is only preparing. Already in mid-July, the experts will be arrived from South Korea, who will participate in the project implementation.

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