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Uzbekistan Students Win Three Medals of the International Chemistry Olympiad in Georgia

Apparently, this year, from 5 international subject Olympiads, the participation in which of Uzbekistan students of colleges and lyceums are scheduled, the International Chemistry Olympiad turns the most generous in the medals.

Earlier, Uzbekistan Today news website reported that this year for the first time students of academic lyceums and professional colleges of the country would take part in five international competitions. These days, the preparations are in progress for the last of them - the International Olympiad in Informatics, which will take place 12 - 19 August in Kazan.

Today, the participants of the 48th International Chemistry Olympiad have been welcomed at the Tashkent airport. Three of four of them returned with medals. Sarvar Shoyunusov won silver medal. It should be noted that this medal is the second for him this year, as the first medal he won in the spring in the Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad among schoolchildren. Jahongir Fakhriev and Charoz Omonova awarded bronze medals.

The participation of the national team in international competitions in biology resulted with one incentive diploma.

Previously, it was reported that at the International Mathematical Olympiad our lyceum and college students won two bronze medals and a diploma, and at the International Physics Olympiad remained without awards. The upcoming Olympiad in Informatics does not promise many medals, as long as the team has not yet gained the necessary experience in participation in these prestigious competitions.

The Center of Secondary Special, Professional Education analyzes the results of participations, and promises to take steps to improve the quality of education.

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