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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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Aziz Abdukhakimov: "We need to construct theme parks"

Now in Uzbekistan there are about 220 parks with various attractions. In recent years, a tendency has emerged for their specialization. So along with the amusement parks the network of water parks began to develop, the first ecopark appeared. Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism Development Aziz Abdukhakimov is convinced that it is time to build in the country theme parks too. More about this he told in the "Monologues about tourism" project.

- Currently, there are more than 600 theme parks in the USA alone. The capital of the Land of Dreams is Florida. This state houses the best theme parks not only in America, but all over the world: Disney World and Universal Studios. They have repeatedly received prestigious awards in the field of world tourism business. In Europe, about 20 large theme parks have been built, not counting the numerous water parks. The most famous of them are from 2 to 10 million visitors a year. Among the most popular French parks are Euro Disneyland, Futuroscope for movie lovers, Wamble France and Asterix. Spain prides itself on its theme park PortAventura, which after eight years of design was opened by the beginning of the summer tourist season in 1995. The park became the second largest in Europe after the Euro Disneyland. The park covers an area of 115 hectares and has
30 attractions, 30 restaurants and café bars, 22 shops and a spacious parking lot for 6 thousand cars and 260 buses.

The guests of the park move through five thematic zones: "The Mediterranean", "Polynesia", "China", "Mexico", "The Wild West". Thematic parks of Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands are very popular. In the UK there is "Sega World", "Legoland Windsor". The theme parks also quickly entered the region of Eastern, Southeast Asia and Oceania. They have also become an integral part of the tourism industry. The most famous in Asia, "The Country of Dreams" is located in Japan, not far from Tokyo.

The creation and construction of theme parks is a modern trend that encompasses more and more countries that are concerned with the development of tourism. This is due to the fact that modern tourists have little familiarity with architectural monuments, he wants more, he dreams of plunging into a unique world, he is waiting for a show, spectacles that would help him understand the meaning and place of what he saw in life. That is why, at the initiative of the State Committee for the Tourism Development in Khiva and Bukhara, a project has already been implemented to create a theatrical show, in which moments from history come to life. In particular, in Bukhara in the Ark an episode of the reception by the emir of foreign ambassadors was staged. This statement reflects the actions that took place here just over a century ago! But this is not enough, the idea should be developed. And the creation of theme parks should be one of the ways to achieve this goal.

According to the plan of the builders, the theme park is the center of family recreation and entertainment, which largely determines the choice of the topic itself. To unite people of different ages and, above all, attract adult population, it should be not only entertaining, but also information-cognitive. Parks can be created around a wide variety of topics: history, culture, geography, sports, etc. Some of them are devoted entirely to one topic, others touch upon different topics, for example, the King's Island in Ohio (it is divided into six thematic zones: River City, Wild Animals, International Street et cetera). Another example is the Great America Park in California, a family recreation center, with a hometown square, the Yukon Territory, the Yankee Harbor, the Village Fair and New Orleans on an area of 100 acres.

In Uzbekistan we also have a lot of themes for creating unique interesting theme parks. For example, somewhere near Samarkand, you can recreate the military camp of Amir Temur. In the work on it as a documentary basis may be preserved to this day manuscript of the Code of Amir Temur. Some key moments of this publication can be recreated in the park with the help of amusement rides, a costume theatrical show. At the same time, guests should be given the opportunity to participate in the events. Here you can open a lot of workshops that supposedly worked for the army of Temur, but at the same time they made souvenirs that would be sold to tourists. Somewhere near Khiva one could create a theme park based on the legend of Jaloliddin Manguberdi. In Surkhandarya region - the very place for parks, the theme of which is associated with the primitive man, with the birth and development of civilization, world religions. All this can be accompanied by a mass of memorable bright emotional theatrical performances. The mass of themes for theme parks is prompted by our geography, nature.

Undoubtedly, such parks will be in great demand among tourists. It is necessary that investors are more interested in the implementation of such projects. It should be reminded that legal entities, the main activity of which is the organization of the theme park services, are exempt from corporate income tax, land tax and property tax, as well as a single tax payment for a period of 3 years from the date of commissioning of thematic parks. In addition, theme parks, until January 1, 2022, are exempted from customs payments (except for customs clearance fees) for imported equipment, machinery, raw materials, components and spare parts, construction and other materials not produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan according to the lists , approved in accordance with the established procedure.
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