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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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First International Tourism Investment Forum kicks off in Tashkent
First International Tourism Investment Forum kicks off in Tashkent

Tashkent hosts the first International Investment Forum in Tourism Sphere at Uzexpocentre, which brought together more than 300 participants from 48 countries. 

First International Tourism Investment Forum kicks off in Tashkent 19-11-2018
First International Tourism Investment Forum kicks off in Tashkent 324
An unusual look ... on Charvak
An unusual look ... on Charvak

We are all different and each has his own needs, his own interests. Among us there are many curious people who are striving to learn how the faithful keepers of the centuries-old traditions and customs of the peoples of Uzbekistan live. That is why the Association of Private Tourist Organizations is actively developing CBT tourism.

An unusual look ... on Charvak 06-07-2018
An unusual look ... on Charvak 3549
Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Russia B. Ashrafkhanov: the flow of Russian tourists has almost doubled

In Uzbekistan, great importance is attached to the promotion of the tourist potential and the brand of the country abroad. In this process, an important role is played by the activities of the diplomatic representations of the republic in foreign countries. So, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of our country in the Russian Federation Bahrom Ashrafkhanov in an interview with UzA shared ...

 Date Added: 06-07-2018
Number of views: 3415
What is necessary for the development of tourism? Strategy 2030

Goscomtourism prepared a draft strategy for the development of tourism in Uzbekistan until 2030. The document is published for public discussion, which will last until July 20.

 Date Added: 06-07-2018
Number of views: 3394
In Uzbekistan, there will be a year-round ski resort

PGI and Amirsoy Mountain Resort signed an agreement on the coordination of the construction of the first ski resort in Uzbekistan, says in the press release of the company.

 Date Added: 06-07-2018
Number of views: 3659
Tourists will be delivered to the destination by helicopter

For tourist operators, agencies and simply fans of non-standard rest "Uzbekiston Havo Yullari" NAC offers a new opportunity - helicopter walks and picnics.

 Date Added: 25-06-2018
Number of views: 3694
The stand of Uzbekistan at KOTFA 2018 was recognized as the best

These days the international tourism exhibition KOTFA 2018 has finished its work. As a result of the exhibition, the stand of the State Committee for Tourism Development was recognized as one of the brightest and most attractive.

 Date Added: 25-06-2018
Number of views: 3159
Foreign tourists will be able to export gold from Uzbekistan

The Resolution outlines a plan of action for the implementation of the project, the main roles of the participants in the course of construction, expertise of the technical task of the tender documentation for the purchase of equipment and materials. It should be noted that the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine SE can sell the remnants of jewelry of its own production in the domestic market f...

 Date Added: 14-06-2018
Number of views: 3351
Comfort will be provided

Increasing the attractiveness of villages as a tourist destination is promoted by a set of activities to create guest houses. So, in the Boysun district of Surkhandarya region six-day training seminars were held for those who created and plan to create guest houses.

 Date Added: 11-06-2018
Number of views: 3341
Juris Smalinskis: "Man and untouched nature - an interesting topic for the development of tourism in Uzbekistan"

Among the places, which are still not widely known by tourists, are the nature protection areas of Uzbekistan. How to make them more attractive and comfortable for tourists - our correspondent talks about it with an international expert on the development of tourism in nature protection areas Juris Smalinskis.

 Date Added: 11-06-2018
Number of views: 3239
Previously forbidden places became accessible for visits by tourists

The Cabinet of Ministers ruled out a number of objects and territories of the country from among those which were banned for visits by tourists.

 Date Added: 01-06-2018
Number of views: 3572
Canned cans with air started selling in the Aral Sea region

The Aydos Diyorbek private enterprise in the Kanlykul district of Karakalpakstan started issuing canned cans with air of the Aral Sea as souvenirs.

 Date Added: 28-05-2018
Number of views: 4175
Uzbekistan will take an active part in the activities of the SCO on tourism development

Yesterday, May 9, in the city of Wuhan, the People's Republic of China, a meeting of heads of national tourist administrations of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held. This was reported by the press service of the State Committee for Tourism Development.

 Date Added: 12-05-2018
Number of views: 3788
Aziz Abdukhakimov: "We must give tourists a lot of positive emotions"

Three months ago, the head of state adopted a number of decisions aimed at developing tourism. What has changed and what is to be done in the near future to further increase in the number of foreign visitors?

 Date Added: 09-05-2018
Number of views: 3878
In the country there is a boom in industrial tourism

- In Uzbekistan, it is time to develop industrial tourism. These areas will be quite interesting not only for students but also for adults. We have something to show, - said Aziz Abdukhakimov, chairman of the State Committee for Tourism Development.

 Date Added: 10-04-2018
Number of views: 4442
Innovative methods of climate stability are introduced in Uzbekistan

In the north of Karakalpakstan a basic nursery will be laid where the seedlings of perennial drought-resistant plants with holophytic type of food will begin to grow. It will allow diversifying the species line of plants that adapt well to the harsh conditions of this region

 Date Added: 04-04-2018
Number of views: 4358
Day of laughter will be celebrated according to Uzbek custom

On April 1, in the old part of Bukhara, a grandiose festival "Nasreddin Afandi" and "Shark Taomlari" was held. The day of laughter was not accidentally chosen as the date of the event: the famous cunning Afandi is famous for his sparkling humor. The festival gathered a huge number of participants, and a variety of entertainment did not let them get bored.

 Date Added: 04-04-2018
Number of views: 4134
The channel about Uzbekistan on YouTube, a Pakistani traveler has already collected more than half a million subscribers

A group of tourists from Pakistan arrived in Uzbekistan on the program of pilgrimage (ziyorat) tourism. Visiting Samarkand once, the organizer of this trip, Mr. Qasim Ali Shah was so impressed that he gathered a group of tourists from his country, having advertised his past trip to Uzbekistan. The audience of his channel on YouTube has more than half a million subscribers, and this time 13...

 Date Added: 04-04-2018
Number of views: 4077
Samarkand among the most beautiful places for Instagram users

Experts of the Australian portal Skyscanner rated the most beautiful places for Instagram users.

 Date Added: 01-04-2018
Number of views: 4044
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev was presented with the project of reconstruction of the Imam Bukhari complex

The complex, in which our great thinker and hadith scholar Imam Bukhari has found eternal rest, is a major center of propaganda of the great contribution of our ancestors to the development of Islamic science. Currently, a large-scale work is under way to reconstruct this important for the spiritual life of our people's memorial, creating a broader environment for visitors.

 Date Added: 20-03-2018
Number of views: 3678

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