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World Figure Skating Championship: What could Misha Ge do?

Every French soldier carries a marshal’s baton in his knapsack. And Misha Ge before the trip to Boston was planning to improve his last year's result, when he became the sixth in the world, but unfortunately the plan was not realized. This year he only took the 15 place.

In the short program Misha performed to the music of the Rachmaninov concerto No. 2 and ranked 15th place with 77.43 points. His free program to the Chopin Nocturne №19 was slightly better - 146.10 points that allowed him to take 14th place. However, in the sum of two performances in the overall standings he scored 223.53 points and took only 15th place in the championship.

Ge was preparing for the championship more than thoroughly. He worked with coaches, ice choreographers, was training in Los Angeles "Hollywood school of dance" and China Central "Beijing Dance Academy". Ge’s training program included training camps at the best rinks in the world. At the same time the skater did much in preparation of the program as well. This is what he said: "As for my participation in preparation for the World Championship, it was just the same as before, I only came to the process even more detailed and professionally".

In the interview to Uzbekistan Today on the eve of 2016 Misha Ge said: "My performance at the World Championship 2015 in Shanghai was the best in my career. I became the sixth in the world. This is the result of hard work, in which I and my parents has been steady for 20 years. It is critically that it was the best result not only in my career, but in the history of figure skating of Uzbekistan ".

Misha is talented and dedicated athlete and we hope that the situation will change in 2017. But before that we will root for Misha at Four Continents Championship, which is considered the third largest competition in figure skating after the Olympics.

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