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Who will be responsible for the quality of sport goods?

A draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on further development of children's sports is being discussed on It proposes to introduce obligatory certification of produced and imported sports equipment, inventory, equipment and technologies for production of sports goods from July 12, 2017.

Implementation of other regulations is also provided in the draft resolution "On additional measures to ensure production of sports equipment that meet international quality, design and safety operation standards."

Testing and certification are proposed to be imposed on the Republican Center for Testing and Certification SE of "Uzstandard" Agency and its regional centers.

Responsibility for examination and timely issuing opinions on agreements (contracts) for supply of equipment and technologies met modern technological requirements and the level of world prices will be borne by the Agency for expert evaluation of feasibility studies of newly built and reconstructed production facilities, equipment and technologies projects under the Cabinet of Ministers.

In the case of adoption of the document "Uzstandard" Agency will has to ensure modernization and equipping of laboratories of the regional centers to carry out full tests of sporting goods, equipment and inventory up to 1 January 2017.

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