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The national rowing and canoeing team gains new experience

National rowing and canoeing team is training in Vila Nova de Milfontes,since the beginning of the year. They are successfuly preparingfor the Olympic Games.

Before that the team traveled to Poland Wałcz for more than 20 days. The coaching staff has high hopes for the team.

Alexei Mochalov is the only athlete licensed for Rio de Janeiro, who took part in both training camps. Olympians Olga Umaralieva, Serik Mirbekov and Gerasim Kochnev are participating in the current camp.

The first camp was mostly for young athletes.The leading coaches Alexey Ponamorev and Valentina Sergeeva accompanied the athletes for the training camp in Vila Nova de Milfontes, which indicates the importance of the camp for pre-Olympic preparation. 

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