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The Football Federation of Uzbekistan Discloses Its Priorities

Among the priorities of the Football Federation of Uzbekistan is the appointment of the head coach of the national team, the fight against contractual matches and the introduction of electronic tickets, the press office of the Football Federation of Uzbekistan reported.
The Football Federation of Uzbekistan considers exclusively foreign specialists to be the head coach of the national team. The appointment of a new team coach is one of the five priorities.

The new leadership of FFU intends to strengthen the fight against contractual matches. In the structure of the federation there will be a special department for counteracting corruption in football, as well as a department and a committee to combat contractual matches, which will be controlled personally by the President of the Football Federation.

The next task is to get rid of scams in children’s and youth football, when selecting young people for football schools and clubs. The Federation intends to ensure the primacy of sporting principles and eradicate localism and nepotism in this area.

New measures to counteract frauds with the age of footballers (cases of forgery of documents certifying the date of birth) are also determined.
The Football Federation is launching a new development program ‘One Ball to Each Child.’

An important task is to ensure transparency of work and increase the confidence of citizens in the Federation. It is noted that the majority of complaints against FFU concern ‘waste of people’s money.’ To get rid of this misconception, the Federation will ensure transparency in disclosing the sources of funding and the purposes for which the funds are channeled.
In addition, the Federation will deal with the introduction of the sale of electronic tickets for the matches of the national teams, the championship, the cup and the games of the First League. “This will reduce the influence of speculators on prices, which will allow fans to buy tickets at their own price and create a system of uniform distribution,” the report said.
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