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Pulat Usmanov: We intend to conquer the world with the national wrestling art

Only for the last month the Uzbek national martial art - "Uzbek jang sanati" has several times been awarded with high marks in prestigious international forums on martial arts. The national team came back from the Portugal World Cup Championship of martial arts with 33 gold, 7 silver, and 2 bronze medals and with the first place. Our athletes was also awarded at the recently held I national martial arts festival in Kazakhstan. Visits to Vietnam and Italy are planned in the near future.

What is the secret of success? – Chairman of "Uzbek jang sanati" Federation, one of the founders of the sport, Pulat Usmanov, comments.

- First of all, I want to draw attention to the fact that 52 countries took part in the World Cup in Portugal, many of which were represented by their national sport. This championship was held by its own special rules established by the organizers - it handicapped all the representatives. The main thing in these competitions was the level of physical, wrestling, tactical, and intellectual training of the athletes.

The fact that we took the first place in the team event in the World Cup having won 42 medals while the team was composed of 11 athletes says that we have achieved the goals set during the creation of "Uzbek jang sanati". And with what it all started? We noticed that almost every country has its own national sport rules of which are developed by the country’s experts. Then a group of like-minded people has come to the conclusion that our country must have such a sport too.

"Uzbek jang sanati" has been developed in order to honorably represent the country in international sports arenas, to educate youth in the spirit of national and universal values. Today "Uzbek jang sanati" sports groups are presented across the country, the national team adequately represent the country in international arenas.

I think that the upcoming performances will be no less successful than the previous ones.

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