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President of the World Fudokan Federation Arrives in Tashkent

Ilija Jorga, President of the World Fudokan Federation, founder of the Fudokan Karate School, winner of the first world championships in karate, a three-time European champion in kumite and kata, and 10th dan holder, visits Uzbekistan.

For three days, June 25 - 27, 200 athletes between the age range 6 to 35 will attend several workshops and training sessions conducted by Ilija Jorga, who in his 76 still in great shape.  

Fudokan is connected to tradition and self defense. A correct execution of basic techniques in Fudokan requires mental and physical harmony, a unity of physical and mental aspects in the interpretation of each single technique. The mind must be completely calm and open, in the sense of initial, primal wariness. This principle is embedded even in the name of Fudokan: a house of calm wisdom. The calm mind directs every part of the body at every moment.

Fudokan karate encompasses personal, moral and ethical guidelines identical to those described by Gichin Funakoshi - the moral code of traditional karate. It is in Fudokan where the space for applying and realizing this code remains open. 

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