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Performance of the national Uzbek team at the Asian Weightlifting Championships: it ain’t over till it’s over

Members of the national team are not pleased with the high results. Adkham Ergashev acting in 62 kg still has the best result. He won a bronze medal on the first day of the competition.

There were three participants of the London Olympics, including 23 - year-old Marina Sysoeva in the female group of weight under 53 kg on the same day on the platform. However, our compatriot did not meet expectations, having been in the 7th line with 198 kg. This is an average result for the leader of our team. Marina easily lifted 83 kg on the first try, but she failed with 87 kg. The coaches of our team decided to re-order weight for 88 kg. This tactic maneuver paid off - Sysoeva finished the exercise in snatch with this result and was the fifth. She started the push with 100 kg. The second try was not successful - 105 kg, but 110 kg did not knock under to Sysoeva.

Lola Kadirova, our other compatriot performing in 58kg, came to the platform on the second day. However, the result was too far from desirable. In sum, it showed 276 kg which took 9th place.

Doston Yokubov (69 kg), who was expected to perform better, competed on the same day. He took the 10th place only with the total result of 229 kg.

Today, men performing in 77 and 85 kg and women performing in 63 kg will come to the platform. Among the Uzbek weightlifters Muattar Nabiyeva will perform today.

The coaching staff relies on the high results of heavyweights who will perform in the last days of the championship.

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