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Our athletes won’t get caught in meldonium

Meldonium scandal continues in the sporting world. Athletes, one by one, fail doping tests.

Let us recall that it was prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency on January 1 this year.

We decided to find out how things are going with doping tests in our athletes and made a request to NOC.

Sunnat Yulchiev, doping officer WADA in Uzbekistan, answers questions of the correspondent of Uzbekistan Today

- Our athletes and their training system for international competitions are more disciplined. All the athletes participating in sport competitions as well as athletes of any other country are controlled by the World Anti-Doping Agency. None of athletes know when he will be requested to hand over a sample of biological material for examination. This can happen right now, or in an hour, or in a month.

This practice is essential for the reliability of researches. The process of compiling the list of athletes who should be screened somewhat reminds the process of lottery, which takes place in the office of the World Anti-Doping Agency. We, doping officers, work according to the instructions of the agency, which gives us the relevant lists of athletes.

Last year anti-doping activities got legal basis after adoption of the Law "On Amendments and Addenda to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Physical Culture and Sports ". All athletes comply with the set rules and pass the tests timely.

Today, we address to the licensed facility in Kazakhstan with the request for laboratory analysis of samples. From the next year, we expect that these researches will be possible in Uzbekistan as well.

Today, the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Sports Medicine has the necessary equipment and specialists, and prepares for certification of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Since the beginning of this year none of the samples of our athletes have given any positive result on meldonium or another illegal drug.

With regard to the ban of meldonium, as it is intended, we received the appropriate notification of the World Anti-Doping Agency two months before its entry.

Measures to prevent its use by athletes are taken timely from our side. In addition to conducting outreach to doctors and coaches of the country's national teams, we conducted explanatory work among the experts of the company, which was engaged in implementation of this drug among the athletes in the country.

We put on cooperation with federations of all sports at the proper level. This contributes to the fact that we bring all the new information coming from the World Anti-Doping Agency to the attention of specialists in the shortest possible time.

I would like especially mention anti-doping alertness of our athletes and coaches.

Almost every month we learn about appearance of at least two new drugs, which are offered to athletes to increase stamina and improve athletic performance, some athletes bring it themselves.

So, before taking this or that novelty, they consulted with us, and we in turn carry out the necessary research, and only then give the appropriate conclusions about how the drug is safe and approved for use.

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