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Loss with breakthrough

Synchro swimmers have done impossible ­­– the country broke to final of the licensed competition from outsiders.

Synchro swimmers Yuliya Kim and Anastasia Ruzmetova just a bit did not draw to the license. What are the reasons for this unfortunate situation? The correspondent of Uzbekistan Today has addressed with this question to the Secretary General of the Federation of swimming of Uzbekistan, Alisher Ganiev.

- Deep down, all specialists of the federation understand that it will be hard to our athletes to take the license today. It is relatively new, but promising sport for the country. At the same time, it was an important attempt to get to the Olympics in the near future. And we has managed to achieve great results from this view.

Let us turn to the history. Uzbekistan tried to get to the Olympics in this sport for the first time in 2012 in London. At that time we took 25th place of 27 possible in the qualifying rounds. The results were such that we dropped out in the first stage.

Great changes have taken place in the Olympic team since that time. The team’s composition has been completely renewed; talented girls of 1994 and 1997 years of birth have come to the team. The leading coaches of Japan and Russia have been attracted to prepare them for the competition. In particular, they helped to put the programs of qualifying rounds for the duo. Every effort has been made to athletes to perform in international competitions and participate in training camp abroad as often as possible.

The result is obvious. We have not only reached the final, but also took 18th place in the qualifying competition in Rio de Janeiro. And only two points has separated us from the tickets to Rio.

Experts believe that this is not the limit of Yuliya and Anastasia, and for all synchronized swimmers in Uzbekistan. We will do everything possible in the coming four years to improve the result and to get to the Olympics 2020. In addition, we will be pay special attention to preparation of young generation. I think that we will succeed in it.


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