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Gennadiy Pelykh: ”Olympic race 2016. We rely not only on sword. Foil and cutlass has grown professionally as well. ”

Uzbekistan fencing team takes part in the Asia Championship started yesterday in Chinese Wuxi, where they plan to win four tickets for the Olympic in Rio de Janeiro.

Epeeists Ruslan Kudaev and Roman Alexandrov, a foil fencer Gulmira Ziyaeva and a fencer Yevgeniy Konovalov entered the team. They have passed training camps before the championship, and have actively participated in international competitions. Will this be enough to each of them win a ticket? With this question Uzbekistan Today reporter addressed to the senior coach Gennadiy Pelikh. That is what he said:

“We had planned to take one license before the London Olympics, and we did it. A fencer Ruslan Kudaev represented Uzbekistan at the Olympics. This year we send four athletes and hope that luck will be on our side and we will take three licenses.”

According to the rules license for fencing will be awarded only to the champion - the winner of the competition, while in London it was enough to take one of the winners’ places. With this in mind, in this sport we send the two strongest fencers of the republic: Ruslan as the main competitor and Roman as a substitute.

As to foil and cutlass holders of 1-3 places will get tickets to the Olympics. In these sports our country is represented by one athlete. We hope Gulmira and Yevgeniy will meet out expectations.

The level of training of our athletes is sufficient to win the license. Nevertheless many countries of the region began to develop fencing in the recent years we also did not sit on our hands.

Training of our athletes for the Rio de Janeiro has been carried out at a higher level than for the London Olympics. National Olympic Committee, Federation of Fencing, and sponsors have supported and financed all the training activities planned by the coaching staff, including travel to international training camps and competitions. It is also important that athletes could train in the homeland with the most modern equipment. Our room for training of the national team is equipped with the equipment which no Central Asia country has.

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