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Fans Started Collecting Signatures for the Resignation of Mirjalol Kasimov

Fans of the national football team of Uzbekistan have started to collect signatures and prepared a petition asking to release the head coach Mirjalol Kasimov from his position.

“For the umpteenth time, our team can not show results with coach Kasimov. Youth teams not only participate in the world championships but reach the playoffs and win them, and what about the national team? With the advent of Kasimov we failed to win, the team plays badly, and the coach always finds some excuse,” note the authors of the petition.

In a petition addressed to the president of UFF Mirabror Usmanov the authors complain that in recent years the national team has turned into the medium peasants of the Asian football.

“Dear Mirabror Zufarovich! Uzbekistan national football team in recent years has turned into the medium peasants of the Asian football. Now the question is already on the second qualifying round to reach the World Cup.

The team performs poor game, and achieves results with difficulty. The fact that the Uzbek team knows how to play football we saw we it was trained by Rauf Inileev and Vadim Abramov.

Mirjalol Kasimov has repeatedly come to the national team as coach, but the result was always the same - the final defeat. It is time to give the opportunity to other coaches,” said in the petition.

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