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Denis Istomin: "I wanted to win the title, but not in this way"

Istomin became the champion of the tournament in Chengdu after Marcos Bagdatis withdrew with a score of 3:2.

Commenting on the situation, Denis said: "I understand his frustration, because  I myself had many injuries. I know this feeling, but Marcos and I are good friends - so when I saw how Marcos fell, I first rushed to him. Of course, I wanted to win the title, but not in this way. I hope he gets better, and he will be able to end the season.

I feel great and today I felt better than in other matches. It seems to me that now
I am in the same condition as I was in Australia at the beginning of the season. My next tournament will be "Challenger" in native Tashkent, and then I will conduct ATP tournaments in Stockholm, Basel and Paris. I feel good and try to finish the season as best as possible."
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