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Developments by Young Scholars

The Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences has hosted the scientific conference of young scholars on the theme ‘High-tech developments in the production.’

The reports were mostly delivered by young scholars working in the laboratories of the Institute. Thus, a complete picture outlined of what is living with one of the major leading research institutes.

The laboratories of the Institute conduct fundamental and applied research in the field of creation and establishment of behavior of the relationship between the composition, structure and properties of new compounds. The work of the specialists is aimed at developing effective technologies of deep processing of oil, new oil fields in Uzbekistan and rational use of side oil products. A large group of specialists is engaged in the creation of new technologies for processing of metallurgical waste and solving urgent problems of import substitution in the production of non-ferrous and rare metals to create new reagents and refractory materials. One of the priority research areas of the Institute is the development of scientific bases of synthesis and technology of getting mineral and organic fertilizers, promising defoliants, accelerating the maturation of crops, effective multifunctional stimulators to grow cotton and grains.

Research being conducted in these laboratories is very fruitful. For example, research in the field of catalytic processes taking place during the drying and purification of natural gas on a unique high-vacuum installation, the results obtained of the fundamental nature that allows to create a new scientific direction – adsorption-energy stoichiometry.

A distinctive aspect of the research is its connection with the problems and needs of the real sector of the economy. In recent years, a technology has been developed here for optimal breakers for a hot-oil and oil products; base oils and additives for sealing lubricants derived, machine for wet cleaning of air from fibrous and oily dust with a closed cycle of water consumption; installation for effective cleaning of the cotton seeds from weeds mineral, organic and aerodynamic heavy impurities and more. True pride of the institute is the developments implemented into production. These technologies are used in JSC Samarkandkimyo, JSC Ferghanaazot, JV Maxam-Chirchik, JSC Kuvasaycement, JSC Kyzylkumcement, and the Bukhara refinery.

The Institute is successfully collaborating with research centers of UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Korea, the USA, France, Japan and other countries.
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