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Untapped Reserves Identified

At the initiative of the faction of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan the deputies of Oliy Majlis heard the information of the Minister of Labor of the Republic on the implementation of the Program for creation of workplaces and ensuring the employment of the population for 2016.

Information was provided on the activities of the Ministry of Labor on the realization of this Program by regions and concrete enterprises, on the results of studies on the supply and demand at the labor market and on necessary measures undertaken on their basis for meeting the targets and objectives approved for the year 2016.

The commissioning of new projects, mainly in industry, sphere of services, housing construction, and accelerated rates of development of small businesses, farms and private household farms enabled to secure the employment of 462,5 thousand persons in January-June this year, including 59,8% in rural areas.

Employment agencies helped the population with employment at the job fairs. The district and municipal employment promotion centers provided permanent and temporary jobs to 124,6 thousand citizens, who applied for employment, 52,6 thousand of them received information and consultations on labor legislation and employment opportunities.

Having positively assessed the information of the Ministry of labor on the implementation of the Program, the people’s deputies pointed out to the unused reserves and shortcomings, in particular, the need in improving the monitoring system on its realization and improvement of the Ministry’s interaction with other government agencies and local bodies of power.

“The information shared by the minister of labor, which was voiced in the parliament is very acute and along with the executive power lays responsibility for effective employment implementation Program also on the deputies’ corps,” noted deputy of the Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis Inoyat Khojiyev. “Hearings were preceded by the study of the program implementation process carried out by deputies in a number of regions. Back lagging was revealed in the creation of work places on account of commissioning new and expansion of operating and development of small business enterprises.” 

“No little importance in raising the efficiency of the Program implementation belongs to close cooperation between the government agencies, deputies and the public,” said Member of Parliament Jamol Nosirov. “In this connection it is required to strengthen control over its performance. The study of the program implementation process in individual regions indicates that there some shortfalls in the activities of local bodies of  government on the issues related to employment of the population and planning the need in the graduates of professional colleges by concrete specialities, which are in demand at the labor market. Today’s open and critical discussion shows that the deputies need to maximum extent make use of the potential of parliamentary control.”

“Remarks voiced by the deputies on the basis of information received in the course of their meetings with their voters, as well as monitoring and analytical activities are quite convincing and relevant,” underlined head of department of the Ministry of Labor Erkin Avezov. “In particular, they provided recommendations on strengthening control over the authenticity of indicators on newly set up work places. All this requires the application of new approaches in our activities.”



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