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Subsistence minimum and consumer basket

The legislation will fix the concepts of "subsistence minimum" and "consumer basket" to identify the income required for decent living conditions of the population, as well as the creation of mechanisms for their practical provision.

This was discussed at the "round table" in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, organized on the initiative of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.

As you know, in his Address to the Parliament, the head of state paid special attention to the need to consolidate in the legislation the concepts of "subsistence minimum" and "consumer basket", as well as creating mechanisms for their practical provision. And the main goal of the round table was to form working groups that will study sound and up-to-date mechanisms for establishing minimum consumer spending standards, analyze foreign experience in this direction.

Deputies noted that our country has great opportunities in terms of improving the well-being of the population and to effectively use them, it is necessary to study deeply the issues related to raising the standard of living of the population as from a theoretical and practical point of view, and also to develop scientifically grounded proposals. So, in order to increase the well-being of the population, to prevent poverty, and to solve problems related to increasing people's incomes, it is necessary to pay special attention to their provision with a subsistence minimum based on the consumer budget.

Indicators of the subsistence minimum are used by the state for conducting social policy. In particular, to assess the standard of living of the population, the number of people with incomes below the subsistence level, equal and high incomes is determined, which serves as the basis for providing targeted social assistance to low-income groups of the population. In addition, such indicators are used to justify the minimum wage and pension payments. In accordance with this, it is important to introduce a system of regularly raising the minimum social standards of the population, identifying a minimum subsistence level.

Specialists stressed that in the consumer basket an important place is given to the food component. When forming the minimum consumer basket for the able-bodied population, the set of products is determined with the calculation for a working man in the amount of kilocalories in proteins and carbohydrates per day. At the same time, the consumer function is organically connected with income. With the increase in income, consumption volumes also increase.

When determining the consumer basket for the constituent entities of the republic, it is important to take into account the natural climatic conditions, national traditions and local characteristics of the main socio-demographic groups in the consumption of non-food goods and services. Concrete proposals were made to develop a standard list of minimum types of food products, non-food products and services needed in our country to preserve people's health and ensure their livelihoods.

During the event, a working group was formed comprising people's representatives and specialists from ministries and departments. The task is set for improving the draft law "On State Minimum Social Standards" developed in cooperation between the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, through in-depth study of proposals and recommendations made at the meeting, analysis of best foreign experience.
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