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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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Rational use of energy resources will be stimulated

Since January 1, 2018, according to the Presidential Decree of November 8, a number of mechanisms are being introduced to encourage the rational use of energy resources.

In particular, consumers producing burnt bricks, gypsum, cement and other products, as well as providing separate services (restaurants, cafes and others), will pay for electricity with an attached capacity of up to 750 kVA and natural gas based on increasing coefficients and tariffs , established by decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Consumers with an attached capacity of 750 kVA and above will calculate electricity for a tariff differentiated by the zones of the day, which is set at the tariff for legal entities paying for the second group of tariffs. This procedure does not apply to budget organizations, pumping stations of farms and water users' associations, as well as pumping stations financed from the state budget.

At the same time, the payment for electricity used during the peak hours of the single electricity system (the peak period - the morning and evening highs) will be made using an incremental factor of 1.5 times to the established tariff, and during hours of minimum loads (night period - dark time of day) - with the application of a reduction factor of 1.5 times to the established tariff and a semi-peak period (daylight hours) - at a set tariff.

A requirement is introduced that, in the design, reconstruction, construction and commissioning of buildings and structures of state bodies and institutions, as well as the multi-apartment housing stock, they will be tested for compliance with town-planning norms and rules with regard to the use of energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies.

In addition, in the design, reconstruction and construction of buildings and structures (except for individual housing construction), certified solar water heaters for hot water supply, as well as energy-saving lamps, will be mandatory.
From January 1, 2022, all state bodies and organizations are to be shut off from hot water supply. They will be required to use certified solar water heating systems for hot water supply, and for indoor lighting - energy saving lamps of domestic production.

The adoption of the Comprehensive Program to expand the localization of production and the phased introduction of energy-saving lamps in residential and non-residential premises is planned.

We became more hospitable: for tourists, the procedure for entry and stay in the country is simplified
By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on November 7, a number of government decisions were amended to simplify the procedure for entry and stay in our country of foreign tourists.
According to the adopted document, the verification of the actual registration of foreign citizens will now be carried out by the bodies of internal affairs using a specialized electronic automated program.
To the temporary residence permit, the electronic lists of tourists provided by tour operators with their passport data, schemes of traffic routes, places of stops (overnights) during trips will be equated:

• - accompanied by a guide, guide and / or instructor-guide, within the tour organized by the tour operator outside the settlements, if the tour or part of it does not exceed 10 days;
• - by foreigners in a private car, motorcycle, bicycle, on foot or in a group by bus with the purchase of a tour operator's car tour.

According to the document, now if a foreign citizen or stateless person arrives in Uzbekistan ahead of the time specified in his tourist visa, he will be able to apply to the MFA consular bureau at the border crossing point, where his visa will be amended accordingly.

It is important to note that the means of accommodation will now also include land transport, converted to a means of accommodation for overnight. Residing in them foreign citizens and stateless persons should in general order notify the receiving organizations, as well as those who invited them in private cases.

For such a form of accommodation will be charged a tourist fee of 10% of the MW for each day of residence.
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