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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the construction site of a new overpass in Tashkent

On 3 February President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev surveyed the ongoing construction and creative works in the capital. 

Construction of new industrial enterprises, culture and sports facilities, educational and medical institutions, shopping centres, residential houses, roads and bridges,as well as fundamental reconstruction of the existing ones, based on the modern requirements, have been steadily continuing in our country. Today our capital is undergoing a dynamic renovation, maintaining its historical attractiveness and is developing based on the prospective plan. 

The Head of our state paid a visit to the construction site of an overpass at the intersection of Bunyodkor and Muqimiy streets in Chilonzor district. 

Our construction engineers have a large experience of creativity. Currently, traffic congestions may be frequently observed at the intersection of Muqimiy and Bunyodkor streets, which result in the loss of time for drivers and passengers, excessive fuel consumption and air pollution. 

The new six-lane overpass with a total length of 900 meters, height of 6 meters and width of 24 meters creates comfortable conditions not only for drivers and pedestrians, but also the residents of surrounding areas. 

Two pedestrian footbridges with a total length of 131,6 meters are also being constructed on both sides of the overpass. A particular attention is paid to installing relevant protection structures for bad weather conditions. 

The President of our country, inspecting the construction process, particularly highlighted that the level and quality of life, welfare of our compatriots and correspondingly, the quantity of cars on the road are increasing day by day. This mandates construction of additional roads and bridges. 

During the visit the construction workers were given appropriate recommendations on rapid and quality execution of works. 

The overpass is expected to be opened on the eve of the Navruz holiday.
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