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The creation of "Toza Hudud" enterprises in the regions contributes to the improvement of the sanitary situation in the country's settlements. Please, see more details on our portal in the report of the "Ahborot" program from Namangan.
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President approves antigraft programme

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed on February 2 the Resolution ‘On Measures for Implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘On Combatting Corruption’.’

The Resolution sets out the State Programme on Combatting Corruption 2017-2018.

State authorities, public unions and other organisations have been tasked with enforcing the Programme.

The Resolution established the Republican Interministerial Commission for Combatting Corruption, whose tasks include:

• organising and enforcing antigraft programmes;
• coordinating authorities involved in antigraft operations;
• working out projects to make corruption socially unacceptable;
• stepping up efforts to prevent, expose, and stamp out corruption, its causes and consequences;
• getting and studying corruption-specific data;
• keeping an eye on and assessing antigraft projects;
• making proposals to improve antigraft laws and associated work;
• Assisting interministerial antigraft commissions.
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