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Parliament to Broaden Mandateof Cabinet of MinistersSignificantly

The parliament discussed draft law ‘On Amendments to Article 5 of the Law‘On the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan’’, which should significantly broaden the mandate of the government, says.

“The legal basis of the government is the Constitution and the Law ‘On the Cabinet of Ministers’. However, the current version of the Act, introduced in 2003, does not meet the changing internal and external conditions, as well as modern requirements and objectives of the government,” ElbekShukurov, member of UzLiDeP fraction said.

It is therefore proposed to identify the specific powers of the Cabinet of Ministers in respective areas based on thethe tasks set out in the amended Part 2 of Article 98 of the Basic Law.

Supplementing Article 5 of the Law by twelve novels, the main powers of the government in economic and socio-cultural development will be greatly enhanced.

The adoption of these changes makes it possible to orient the government to greater transparency and performance in the economic sphere and to the support of businesses and private initiative, as well as other vital areas for each inhabitant of Uzbekistan.

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