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The "Dance and Silk" project, implemented in the technology of augmented reality by the St. Petersburg company "EmotionTales" for the lecture-presentation of E.G. Tsareva "Silk and gold of Bukhara: ambassadorial gifts of the Emirs of Bukhara in the collection of the MAE of the RAS", which will open the International Congress "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan - the way to dialogue between peoples and countries." St. Petersburg, June 6-8, 2018.


On the eve of the official visit of the President of Uzbekistan to the United States, the correspondent of "Uzbekistan Today" met with the former US ambassador in Uzbekistan Joseph A. Pressel and talked about the progress of reforms in Uzbekistan, as well as a glance at the Uzbek-American prospects.

- I would like to thank you for this interview for the fact that 20 years after I left Uzbekistan, my opinion is in demand, it is a great honor for me and my country.

I know that Mirziyoyev's visit is the first official visit of the President from Central Asia. This is the brightest fact and proof of what efforts are being made in Uzbekistan and better than any words demonstrates the changes taking place in Uzbekistan.
Many years ago, when Uzbekistan was still part of the USSR, there were many advantages, but there were also shortcomings. Uzbekistan was the center of Central Asia, and Tashkent its capital. As for us, the Americans - frankly, we never tried to establish relations with any of the countries of Central Asia. But it's another time, new staff, it's time for changes, the time associated with the confident growth of the younger generation of Uzbekistan. And Uzbekistan is becoming attractive to the whole world.

Prosperity of the country is a step-by-step process and it is important to implement reforms reasonably. And I see it every time I travel around Uzbekistan: everywhere in the villages a large number of houses are built, the system of rendering medical assistance has been repeatedly improved. But there are things that, even in the period of reforms, remain unchanged for the land of Uzbekistan, and this, in my opinion, is above all - veneration of the age, the importance of the family, the role of the mahalla, we Americans, unfortunately, do not understand the importance of all this.
I see the results of the work of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and his team. This colossal work contributes to a tangible change in the economy: the organization of visa-free entry into the country, the introduction of conversion, the implementation of international investment projects - is very impressive.
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