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Islam Karimov urges the world to maintain vigilance and readiness

President Islam Karimov said that the fast-changing situation in the world requires to maintain high vigilance and constant readiness.

The Head of State, stated this on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic.

"The fast-changing situation in the world and the worsenig of the situation in some of its regions, the increasingly growing confrontation, conflict and bloodshed, the increasing threat of international terrorism, extremism and radicalism, ongoing military clashes near our environment can cause a deep sense of concern and anxiety." said the President.

In his opinion, such unpredictable situation demands "maintaining high vigilance and constant readiness", as well as attention to further reform of the army and the enhancement of its combat training.

“In the context of increasing threats and ever-changing situation in neighboring regions, not excluding the possibility of an invasion of the territory of our country by various gangs and subversive groups, special attention should be given to further strengthening and concentration of military formations, especially on sensitive operational areas," said Islam Karimov .







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