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Initiatives of Uzbekistan will serve the common development

On November 10, under the auspices of the United Nations, an international conference on “Central Asia: one past and a common future, cooperation for sustainable development and mutual prosperity” dedicated to ensuring security and sustainable development in Central Asia has started in Samarkand.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev delivered a speech at the conference

The Head of our state forwarded actual initiatives on transformation of Central Asia into a stable, economically developed region, strengthening peace and good-neighborly relations in this vast space.

The international conference on “Central Asia: one past and a common future, cooperation for sustainable development and mutual prosperity” is important for discussing current issues in this direction, developing common approaches and defining tasks for the future.

This forum, organized on the initiative of the President of our country, is supported by the United Nations. UN Secretary-General António Guterres, addressing the participants of the conference, noted its importance.

At the conference, a video message by A.Guterres was demonstrated.

Samarkand, located at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, was the center of a dialogue between representatives of various nations, religions and cultures for millennia. This universal spirit was again reflected in today’s forum. Politics, leading experts, who arrived from all over the world, have united on the way to a common future.

The international conference continued its work in sectional meetings. Views expressed in the speech of the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the forwarded actual initiatives were widely discussed.

It was emphasized that Central Asia, which has a huge energy potential, natural resources, unique transport and communication capabilities, has a huge geopolitical significance, that the processes taking place in this region affect the stability in general on the Eurasian continent.
It was noted that relations between the states of the region based on consensus, equality and respect for the interests in ensuring peace, security and sustainable development in Central Asia, as well as expanding regional and international cooperation, play a key role.

In this regard, the initiative on holding regular consultative meetings of the heads of states of Central Asia is widely supported in order to establish permanent dialogue, joint search for solutions to common regional problems.

Participants of the conference positively assessed the agreements between the countries of the region on delimitation and demarcation of state borders, noted that the continuation and completion of this work will serve to further expand cooperation in the spheres of trade, economy, transport, cultural-humanitarian and other areas.

Representatives of the Central Asian states reaffirmed the need to strengthen cooperation on the rational use of water and energy resources, taking into account the interests of all countries of the region.

The initiatives on establishing peace in Afghanistan, restoring the socio-economic infrastructure, comprehensively supporting its integration into regional economic processes are supported.

When discussing security issues, representatives of foreign states and international organizations emphasized the need of taking concrete measures on preventing youth from falling under the influence of various terrorist and extremist groups. In this regard, the idea of the need to fight against ignorance by enlightenment, education of the younger generation on the basis of deep knowledge and religious tolerance was approved.

Attention was also drawn to issues of development of cooperation in the region in the spheres of transport, tourism, science and technology, culture, sports and others.

Participants of the conference supported the proposal of Uzbekistan to address the United Nations General Assembly on the adoption of a special resolution on strengthening regional and international cooperation for ensuring peace, security and sustainable socio-economic development in the Central Asian region. They emphasized that the forum created an opportunity for an open and in-depth discussion of the region’s problems and tasks for the future.

On the first day of the conference, sectional sessions were held on the issues of ensuring regional stability and security, cooperation in the sphere of water use and ecology. Analytical reports of domestic and foreign scientists, leading experts were heard and discussed.

The forum will continue its work on November 11. It will include sectional sessions on the issues of developing regional cooperation in Central Asia and promoting the international community to the countries of Central Asia in counteracting modern challenges of security and ensuring sustainable development.

Following the results of the international conference, it is planned to adopt a communiqué. 
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