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Essence of adopted laws explained to population

On 27 December, committees of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis on legislation and judicial and legal affairs, the Committee on information and communication technologies, together with the Ministry of justice held a round table on "Legal mechanisms on explaining the nature and meaning of laws to the population".

According to the report of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev, addressed at the solemn meeting devoted to the 24th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan: "The principle of the rule of law enshrined in our Constitution is an important guarantee of the rights and freedoms of an individual in the society, effective implementation of all reforms". Speaking about the need to ensure fullness, vitality and the mechanisms of direct action of laws, the head of our state noted: "The main question is promptly bringing to the people and responsible persons, the nature and meaning of laws, their proper implementation, ensuring full compliance with their requirements. First of all, it is important to create an effective mechanism to explain the essence of adopted laws, decrees and regulations to the population".

Based on the objectives defined in the report of the President, the purpose of the event was to discuss the ways of explaining the nature and meaning of laws, ways of forming a coherent effective system of ensuring information and advisory support to the legislative process.

During the round table, the participants were presented the review of international experience in the field of explaining the nature and meaning of laws to the public, including the experience of the United States, several European states: Belgium, Holland, Austria and Asian countries that have experience in this area: China, Republic of Korea, Japan, etc.

The round table noted the need to strengthen information and advisory role of MPs in this process, to ensure their broad participation in the compilation and dissemination of broadcasts aimed at raising the legal culture of citizens through regional TV and radio-TV.

The round table participants highlighted the important role of national media in the process of bringing the essence and meaning of laws. Attention was drawn to the need to further enhance the role of national media in raising the level of legal culture of the population, bringing to the masses information about the adopted laws, the particularities of their practice.

Another worth to note thing is the role of modern information and communication technologies. Their use allows to promptly and reliably inform the public about the processes of developing and adopting legislative acts.

Following the discussions, recommendations were adopted aimed at the creation of effective mechanisms to explain the essence of laws to the public, raising the legal culture of citizens

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