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Employment Program: Demographic Factors on Focus

MPs at the meeting of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis have approved the draft Employment Program for 2017 that was submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan.

The document provides for the implementation of the set of measures to provide employment by using the potential of the regions and sectors of the economy, rational use of labor resources, as well as taking into account demographic factors and structural changes in the economy.

It is projected to provide 390 thousand people with permanent jobs, 200 thousand people with seasonal and temporary jobs in agriculture and construction, and 309 thousand people to be employed in personal subsidiary plots and farms, craftsmanship and family business.

MPs note that the parameters of the program for the following year, unlike previous years have been optimized taking into account the real possibilities of the regions and enterprises. In particular, employment directions expanded through the creation of jobs by arranging small industrial areas in districts and cities, and developing construction of infrastructure. In addition, in preparing the document the proposals of MPs were taken into account, which had been developed on the basis of the parliamentary control over the implementation of the employment program parameters in 2016.

Here are the views of MPs they expressed during the meeting.

“The program for 2017 includes a number of innovations,” noted J. Nosirov, member of UzLiDeP faction. “In particular, our faction drew attention to the fact that in 34 districts with high demand for jobs, special programs on population employment are getting developed through the full mobilization of available internal capacity of the areas. This will not only expand opportunities to ensure employment, but will also promote the development of small business and private entrepreneurship, improving the areas of production, service, and the creation of modern infrastructure.”

“An important task is to monitor the program performance through enhancing the effectiveness of the activity of the working commissions at administrations of districts and cities,” emphasized I. Hajiev, member of Milliy Tiklanish DPU faction. “This will prevent cases of job cuts, expand the scale of the retraining people for new professions and, therefore, create conditions for secure jobs. Our faction has proposed to introduce the practice of monitoring the reliability of employment of graduates of educational institutions on the basis of a system of electronic exchange of information between departments and agencies.”

“When drafting the program, the demographic factors in each village and community have been studied, and the actual number of unemployed people in accordance with the professions determined,” considered Z. Akramova, member of PDPU faction. “As a result, in the context of each district and city orders were formed for the provision of employment with the maximum consideration of the internal potential of areas and industries in which it is possible to create jobs. Our faction believes that this approach is an effective solution in increasing the level of employment.”

“It is important to use wider the capacity of vocational training centers to provide services on retraining and employment of people, especially youth, women, persons with disabilities,” stressed U. Samatov, member of Adolat SDPU. “At the same time members of our faction paid attention to the fact that in the activity of regional labor centers it is necessary extensively introduce the possibilities of modern information technology, specialized job search programs.”
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