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Russia Intends to Increase Export of Fruits and Vegetables from Uzbekistan

Russians will not feel the shortage of fruits and vegetables, if the Russian Federation decides to abandon the supply of food from Turkey, Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachevsaid, according to RIA Novosti.

"If we decide to refuse from Turkish vegetables, we will receive vegetables fromsuchcountries as Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, and Israel.We could get citrus fruits South Africa, Argentina," Tkachev said in an interview to Russia 1­.

However, he pointed out that the share of Turkish vegetables account for 20% of the total supply of vegetables to Russia, the proportion of citrus fruits that come from Turkey is 25%. At the same time, Turkey is second buyer of Russian grain after Egypt.

"Since 2015, we have exported to Turkey 3.5 million tons of grain. It is nearly 12% of total exports of grain. In the case of termination of grain exports to Turkey, importers may be the Middle East and African countries," the head of the Russian Ministry of Agriculturesaid.

The cause of the economic consequences of reducing the share of Turkish products in the Russian market and its replacement by increased exports from other countries was the attack on the Russian Su-24, which crashed on Tuesday in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier that the tragedy with the aircraft will have serious consequences for relations between Moscow and Ankara.

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