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Positive Trends in Commercial Exchange

Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are to bolster exports. It has been stated by the participants of the twelfth session of the Joint Uzbek-Turkmen Commission on trade-economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation.

The Joint Commission has been operating since 1996. The previous meeting took place in Ashgabat on 18-19 August 2015.

The delegation of Turkmenistan at the negotiations in Tashkent was headed by the Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations Davran Orazmyradov, while the Uzbekistan was represented by Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade Elyor Ganiev. In his speech, the Uzbek minister of said that as a result of a regular dialogue between the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov and President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, contractual and legal basis for cooperation was established, which today serves the development of relations in the spheres of trade, economy, fuel energy industry, transport, agriculture, science, culture, tourism and many other fields.

This time around, the negotiators focused on the enhancement of cooperation in the sphere of transport and communications through the provision of reciprocal preferences for transit transportation of foreign commercial freight. They noted the successful cooperation and prospects in the field of modernization and repairs of rolling stock of Turkmen railways at the Tashkent Railcar Construction and Repair Plant. The sides also discussed the possibilities of interaction in the repair and maintenance services of the Turkmen aviation fleet, including the manufacture of composite aircraft components at Uzbekistan Airways Technics.

According to co-chair Orazmyradov, Turkmenistan, like Uzbekistan, sees its main goal in promoting the interests of the people, their well-being. To achieve this, the country wields a tremendous potential. “We can offer each other a wide range of goods and services. We intend to make effective use of the available capacities and further develop the relations with Uzbekistan in such fields as economy, manufacturing industry, fuel and energy sector, agriculture, transport communications,” the Turkmen official said.

To date, six companies specializing in the supplies of industrial products to the Turkmen market have been founded in Turkmenistan with the participation of residents of Uzbekistan. Among the goods exported from Uzbekistan are vehicles, fertilizers, agricultural products, building materials, electrical and mechanical equipment, and services in various fields. Petroleum, propylene polymers and other chemical products are imported by Uzbekistan from Turkmenistan.

The meeting deliberations produced a decision to increase exports to Turkmenistan, keep with the growing dynamics of mutual trade, and expand the range of exports and imports. In addition, special emphasis was placed on the joint elaboration and implementation of projects, elevation of the number of joint ventures, development of business contacts among entrepreneurs.

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