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Obama: ” Donald Trump will not be president. This is not a talk-show ”

US President Barack Obama criticized the eccentric billionaire Donald Trump, who brought to the campaign elements of a TV show.

"I continue to believe Mr Trump will not be president," Obama said at a news conference in California after a meeting with Southeast Asian leaders. "And the reason is that I have a lot of faith in the American people. Being president is a serious job. It's not hosting a talk show, or a reality show,” as reported by Washington Times.

Obama said, that the president "must be able to work with leaders around the world to defend the positions of the American administration and to instill confidence in the people, that he is familiar with the facts , know their names and is aware where their country is on the map."

"Other countries around the world rely on the United States , the fact that we are on the side of science and common sense ," - Obama said, the Republican Party does not pay enough attention to this issues, including Trump.

As for Trump's proposal to introduce a temporary ban on the entry of Muslims to the United States, Obama thinks that Trump is trying to gain extra points at the expense of anti-Muslim sentiment, but even Republican party members, believe this policy is too disturbing.

Obama also slammed senator Marco Rubio, a Republican of Florida, who refused to support an immigration reform bill, although previously supporting that bill. "You've got a candidate who sponsored a bill, that I supported, to finally solve the immigration problem, and he's running away from it as fast as he can," Obama said.

Rubio was one of four Republican senators who crossed party lines to sponsor a 2013 immigration bill that included a path to citizenship for some of the approximately 11 million immigrants living in the US without permission. Rubio now maintains that the US needs stronger border-security measures before allowing some immigrants to begin a decades-long pathway to citizenship.

As ITV notes, Democrat Obama critisized prominent Republicans. Donald Trump has responded, saying that Obama has made him "the biggest compliment”. Millionaire added that: “You are “lucky” I didn’t run last time when Romney ran because you would have been a one-term president.”









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