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North Korea says it succesfully conducted hydrogen bomb test

The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency appeals to the UN to enforce its resolutions.

North Korean Central Television reported a successful test of a hydrogen bomb, reports RT. The power of the device , as well as its other characteristics are not reported. Earlier, there was an earthquake in the east of North Korea of magnitude 5.1 ( according to some sources , 4.2 ). The epicenter of the quake was located 48 km north- west of Kilham , the center was located at a depth of 10 km. In response, South Korea and Japan called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council . Both countries have not ruled out the possibility that the earthquake could be caused by nuclear weapons tests.

In December 2015, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced that Pyongyang was "ready to explode atomic and hydrogen bombs in order to secure protection of the sovereignty and dignity of the nation."

North Korea 's nuclear program is one of the main security issues in Asia - Pacific region. In order to resolve it in 2003, six-party talks involving Russia , the United States , the DPRK , South Korea, China and Japan took place in order to resolve this. For the first time Pyongyang announced the plans of testing nucreal bombs on 10 February 2005 and on 9 October 2006, the country carried out the first testing of the bomb. In April 2012, North Korea adopted amendments to its constitution, according to which the country declared itself a nuclear power.

Yukiya Amano anounced the Agency 's readiness to fascilitate a peaceful solution of the DPRK nuclear issue.

Today, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),Yukiya Amano, announced that the testing of hydrogen bomb by North Korea ( DPRK ) is a violation of UN Security Council resolutions. The Security Council itself is going to have meeting regarding this issue in the coming hours . "

“North Korea announced the testing of the hydrogen bomb on January 6 and if it is confirmed, then it is a clear violation of UN Security  Council resolutions and is very troubling,” said Yukiya Amano. He called upon North Korea to follow all the resolutions issued by the United Nations Security Counsil and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Yukiya Amano annouced the Agency 's readiness to help fascilitate a peaceful solution of the DPRK nuclear issue through the resumption of inspections of its nuclear activities after the countries participating in the negotiations reach a political agreement. Earlier, UN Secretary-General has repeatedly stated that the six-party talks are a solid basis for solving the problem of the elimination of nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula , and the United Nations can become a platform for their conduct.


The six-party talks regarding the nuclear program of North Korea , known as the " Beijing process " began in August 2003 after the DPRK announced its withdrawal from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons and refused to cooperate with the IAEA. In addition to North Korea , the participants are the Russian Federation , the United States , China, Japan and the Republic of Korea .












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