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New Invention that Could Help Avoiding Airsickness

If you’re prone to airsickness, don’t despair. You might soon be able to beat it — by packing a special pair of goggles for the plane.

The sickness is thought to be caused by a contradiction between what your eyes are telling your brain and the signals being received from the inner ear, which influences balance.

So if you are sitting down, looking at the seat in front of you, your eyes tell you that you are stationary — but your inner ear is sensing the plane’s movement.

Technologists at London-based Flow IFE claim to have solved this with a set of virtual-reality specs which display an image of the horizon that reacts to the motion of the plane, meaning that all your senses are in unison.

However, the glasses won’t be cheap — they could cost as much as a sky-high £500.


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