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NATO expects to resume work of the joint Council with Russia

“NATO has not interrupted political dialogue with Moscow and expects to resume work of the joint Council with Russia,” the Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said speaking at the meeting with experts and journalists in the United States Atlantic Council in Washington on Wednesday. Asked about the prospects for resumption of the NATO - Russia Council, he recalled that in connection with the conflict in Ukraine the alliance has suspended practical work with the Russian side, but has not interrupted the political dialogue, TASS reports. He recalled that the NATO-Russia Council has not ceased to exist and can resume its work, but it is necessary to define the agenda of the meeting. "We discuss it with Russia. I hope that we agree on the agenda and hold a meeting," NATO Secretary General said. “NATO is not interested in confrontation with Russia, it would like to hold a dialogue with Moscow and will seek to prevent the resumption of the Cold War,” the head of the alliance also said. He would like to continue the dialogue, and specifically to ensuring transparency and predictability of actions of the both parties needed to prevent confrontation. However, he disagreed with the view that contacts with Moscow indicate insufficient severity and persistence of NATO.

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