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Ivan Šimonović: Moldova loses human capital

Assistant Human Rights Secretary-General, Ivan Šimonović, made a four-day visit to Moldova. Following the visit, he warns that the country loses its human capital and urged Chisinau to fight corruption, strengthen the human rights protection system, and to restore law and order. According to him, the Republic of Moldova facing serious problems, including sharp stratification of society, corruption, distrust of the government, which, according to Moldovans, is under the control of oligarchs. All this leads to "brain drain" and social exclusion of the entire population segments. "I am extremely concerned about the split of Moldovan society: on the basis of religion, gender, ethnicity, language, and income - Šimonović said. - It is exacerbated by systematic corruption, scandals related to bank fraud, and the prolonged inaction of the authorities. " According to the Assistant Secretary-General, credibility of the state has fell to the record low, as people believe that both the authorities and the media is completely controlled by the oligarchs. "The weakness of the law and the lack of a common vision for the future of the country have made many citizens to leave Moldova. As a result, the country is faced with the problem of "brain drain", social exclusion, and losing its human capital ", - Šimonović warned. At the same time he noted that despite the "bleak picture" 2016 has brought hope to Moldovan people. "After a few months the government finally formed and the law on prosecutor adopted. The parliament intends to adopt the law that requires increasing the proportion of women parliamentarians to 40% and take other measures to promote women ", - the assistant head of the United Nations said. Ivan Šimonović has expressed hope for Moldova to undertake efforts to strengthen human rights protection system. "Promotion of human rights – is a key condition for the country to get out of crisis, - he stressed. In this regard I welcome the decision of the Prime Minister Paul Philip to develop a new national action plan in human rights and to establish a coordinating body in his Office that will monitor progress in this area. " The UN representative called for decisive action to eliminate corruption referring to the widespread belief that it is the primary cause of the current crisis. "Corruption has a devastating impact on human rights, - Šimonović said. - When people see that corruption is rampant at the highest levels, it gains legitimacy in the eyes of the rest of society. It is urgent to put an end to the impunity associated with the manifestations of corruption, especially if they take place at the higher level."

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