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French Prime Minister Says that Europe Can No Longer Accept Refugees

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said yesterday in an interview with a number of media that Europe could no longer accept refugees from the Middle East, SueddeutscheZeitungwrites. "We cannot accept more refugees - it is simply impossible," the prime ministersaid.

"Control of the external borders of the EU is vital for the future of the EU. If we do not stop that, people will say: "Europe, that’s enough!". According to the head of the French government, the European Union needs to protect itself, crossing the stream of refugees from Syria to neighboring countries. "Otherwise, the question arises about the ability of the EU to protect its external borders," Waltz said. According to BBC, he also said that France and Belgium have to stop taking migrants for obvious reasons. The prime minister said that France intends to fulfill its obligation to receive up to 30 thousand refugees in 2015-2016, but stressed that the French are aware of the fact that some perpetrators of terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 were migrants.

This week, it was reported that some refugees, stranded at the border between Greece and Macedonia, have sewn their mouths to protest against the immigration policy of the European Union. Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia began to accept only refugees from war-torn countries. The rest were declared as economic migrants and refused from passage to Western Europe. Exclusion of migrants has been particularly tightened after the series of terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 this year. Then the terrorists organized several attacks in different areas of Paris: three suicide bombers blew themselves up near the Stade de France stadium, a few more people opened fire on the streets of Paris, and another group of terrorists seized hostages in the theater ‘Bataklan’.

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