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Erdogan intends to terminate the migration agreement with the EU

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the EU of not fulfilling the obligations undertaken in the framework of the agreement with Turkey, according to which Ankara has pledged to host illegal immigrants who have come to Europe in exchange for legitimate refugees. In return, Turkey was promised additional $ 3 billion Euro and resumption of negotiations on accession to the European Union membership. According to Erdogan, the EU promises still remain unfulfilled. "If the European Union did not take the necessary steps to begin to fulfill their obligations, then Turkey would not had implemented the (migration) Agreement" - Hurriyet quoted Erdogan. The preliminary plan of return of illegal migrants from Europe to Turkey was agreed at the emergency meeting of the EU leaders with the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on March 7. The final agreement was reached on March 17-18 at the summit EU - Turkey. Exchange of migrants was started on April 4. This delay was caused by the need to prepare the police and migration structures.

EU leaders believe that the agreed scheme will break business model of the carriers who are engaged in dangerous transportation of migrants across the Aegean Sea as refugees will be able to file a legal petition for asylum in Turkey. In such way they expect to reduce the migration flow into Europe, which goes through Turkey and the Aegean Sea to Greece. At the same time this agreement is criticized by human rights activists, who note risk of mass and unproven deportations from Europe. On the other hand, radical European political forces acting from anti-immigrant positions call this agreement "meaningless". They say that exchange of one illegal migrant for one legitimate refugee will not change their number in Europe.

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