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Appealing Central Asia

In the framework of the dialog “Central Asia + Japan”, a presentation entitled “Attractive Central Asia and relations with Japan” has taken place in Tokyo addressing the historical and cultural heritage and tourism potential of our region’s countries.

The event was organized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the diplomatic missions of Central Asian nations in Tokyo with the participation of the socio-political, business and academic communities of the host country.

The program of events included the 9th Tokyo Dialogue “Central Asia + Japan”, a music festival and a film festival, during which the Uzbek motion picture Uncle was demonstrated.

Along with this, the embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan hosted a seminar on the peculiarities of culture, arts, traditions and tourism potential of our country. In particular, as Japanese speakers noted, the Uzbek people can be proud of their ancient and rich cultural and historical heritage. In his speech, Parliamentary State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Nobuo Kishi noted that the official visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the countries of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, facilitated the intensification of cooperation in various fields. In this context, the official said that Japan intends to continue with the advancement of robust bilateral relations with our republic. According to the president of Japan-Uzbekistan Friendship Association Nobuhiko Shima, Uzbekistan plays important role in preserving the stability and for the development of the region and is a key time-tested and reliable strategic partner of Japan. The head of the association also said that during the meeting of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with the first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov the two sides agreed to steadily continue the political dialogue and further enhance interaction in areas such as trade, industry, finance, energy, education, culture and tourism.

The Uzbek language professor at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Hisao Komatsu, informed that Uzbekistan is located at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road and has served as a bridge between the East and West. According to him, our region is the homeland of great scholars and thinkers have who afforded a potent impetus to the development of science and culture in Europe. The professor emphasized the flourishing science in the Temurids era, during the reign of whom the academics, architects and craftspeople from around the world gathered in the region.
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