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Travelling to the Kitob Geological Reserve

Today, work is underway to prepare the necessary documents, but very soon the Kitob State Geological Reserve will enter into a global network of UNESCO Geoparks. What is interesting here to develop geological tourism? UT correspondent tries to find the answer to this question.

Answers to the most important issues were found in the State Geological Museum.

“The main attraction of the reserve is the paleontological-stratigraphic sections,” says Director of the State Geological Museum, Ahmadjon Ahmedshaev. “These are objects, where you can observe the sequence of formation of rocks and fossils of the ancient flora and fauna. Here we can study the theory of evolution of life in these areas. Traces of these processes during the Ordovician - Lower Silurian are clearly visible on the Shahriomon pass, Novobak and Gorlisay canyons, Upper Silurian - Lower Devonian – Obi-Safit canyon, and others. The abundance and diversity of fossil organic remains do the reserve sections extremely valuable objects.”

The Kitob State Geological Reserve possesses the global stratigraphic standard - the standard of bottom interface of the Emsian Age of the Lower Devonian, or the point of a global boundary stratotype in the context of Zinzilban section. Stratotype was selected by the International Subcommittee on Devonian Stratigraphy in 1989, and ratified in 1996 by the International Union of Geological Sciences. Thus, Zinzilban section is an object of the World geological heritage, which provided the Kitob Reserve its international status.


However, on the way to this landmark of the global value the tourists can see a lot of interesting and informative. And it can be done while traveling at the Afrosiab high speed train - the road from Tashkent to Karshi takes a bit about three hours.

The way from Karshi to Kitob runs through Shakhrisabz, the tourist gem of Uzbekistan. Visitors can get acquainted with the historical monuments, including the famous palace of Amir Temur - Oqsaroy.

One can start exploring the nature reserve in Shakhrisabz, because its office is located here. In addition to administration office the building housed the Geological and Biological Museums, visiting which will become a prologue to what is to be seen.

The picturesque nature is just a part of the fine. You get a lot of impressions on the climate: spring and summer, autumn and winter is all-in-one…


If you are traveling in the fall - you will be offered a visit to the huge pomegranate gardenand vineyards.

In short, it is necessary to see and feel the beauty and uniqueness of this corner of the Earth.

Inhabitants of Jauz settlement within the territory of the reserve are the keepers of the ancient customs and traditions. Visiting them you can get acquainted not only with the hospitable villagers, but their way of life.

Those willing to experience true exotic are offered to travel riding the donkeys…

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