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Tourists to travel to Nukus, not only to see “Savitsky” museum

The cultural boom in the tourism industry, in the wake of the crisis, sanctions and other obstacles to travel significantly affected the demand for travel. Today's tourist is becoming less interested in sipping a fruit smoothie on a beach. Especially spoiled audience seeks another kind of exotic adventure.

Uzbekistan has a unique history, and the whole world wants to see its unique ancient architecture. Savitsky museum will no longer be the only attraction in Nukus, this year the Karakalpakstan State Art Museum will get a new building. 

In the early 2000s, Karakalpakstan State Art Museum named after Igor Savitsky and Karakalpakstan State Museum of Applied Arts were located in the same building. However, due to the fact that the building was in disrepair, it was decided to transfer the museums to a safe place and build new buildings for the collection.

The construction of a new building for the Karakalpak State Museum of Applied Arts started in parallel with the construction of the famous "Savitsky" museum in Nukus. It is one of the oldest museums of Uzbekistan with more than 100 – years of history. It has the world's most complete collection of works of Karakalpak applied arts.

Over the last decade, this museum nestled in the auditorium of a school, where there were practically no conditions for storage and showcase of the masterpieces of world history and culture. With the completion of the new building, this treasure trove of artifacts, can become a center of tourist pilgrimage, just like the State Museum of Arts named after Savitsky.






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