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To the Forest… for the Dinosaurs

Who said that Uzbekistan has no forest? They are available, only in the petrified forms. In recent years they have become increasingly popular for tourist trips.

In previous publications, we told that one of the most famous monuments of Karakalpakstan - Ayaz Kala stands on a hill, which is a petrified forest. Ground rock changed its structure considerably, so no one but only scientists could study and examine it.

Today we go to a place in Navoi region that is called Jarakuduk. This place goes popular with tourists recently for the fossils of ancient forest. Here the fragments of past flora and fauna can be seen most clearly. By the way, the artifacts found here are kept in many museums of the country. In particular, the major collection of them is stored in the Navoi Regional Museum.

By the way, experts of the Research Institute of Mineral Resources, engaged in the designing of materials for the development of geotourism in Uzbekistan, noted that the forest remains at Ayaz Kala and petrified orest in Navoi region are well-preserved remains of a huge forest.

At the same time, if you want to enjoy the remains of the forest, you have to visit Jarakuduk. It is a group of canyons total area of 30 square kilometers, which were deposited under an ancient sea.

Sections of the Jarakuduk deposit store a high concentration of fossil organisms, especially vertebrates. Currently, representatives of at least 200 species of generic level are discovered that are classified into at least 70 families. Findings indicate that a long time before crocodiles, dinosaurs and other animals inhabited here. But most important are the hundreds of fragments of fossilized tree trunks up to 4 meters.
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