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The Monuments of Archeology and Architecture, and Something More…

“We need something more…” These words are usually said by representatives of travel agencies, when planning a new tourist route, about which it can be said in one word: monuments - or rather, a lot of monuments… The tourists, especially foreigners, like the diversity, and they also like surprises. Along with the ancient cities and monuments, they want to get introduced with the current realities of life. They are interested in what people live ‘here and now.’

Small private galleries began opening of late in the legendary Samarqand. At present, there are three of them. We have visited an art gallery with an interesting name ‘The Bird of Happiness’ owned by designer and art expert Yelena Ladik. She specializes in creating haute couture clothes, ceramics and painting.

It is not by coincidence the gallery got its unconventional name. When ten years ago the gallery created, avian flu spread around the world. And this unconventional name came to the mind of the founder. She believes that each bird should to be happy. So it happened - The Bird of Happiness.

The usual courtyard in Samarqand close to the world famous Registon became a place of unique color and comfort.

Many tourists visit the gallery for haute couture outfits that Yelena Ladik creates with her team. In creating outfits they have no limits in ideas, techniques, and materials. That is why outfits they create are extraordinarily rich and interesting. Yelena has repeatedly traveled to show her collections abroad, which won the hearts of the foreign audience as well. Some of the participants of foreign shows she had already seen in Samarqand, in her gallery. Sometimes, at the request of visitors the gallery organizes fashion shows.

Traditional ceramics and modern painting of the Samarqand craftsmen and artists are the perfect addition to all that like to discuss the tourists.

The emergence and development of such places, as this gallery is actively supported by the tour operators, they contribute to the influx of tourists who do not come for half a day, but for a few days to see more than offer the usual, standard tour.
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