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Hotels Grow in Number in Charming Shakhrisabz

While entering the Uzexpocenter pavilion, which these days is hosting the International Tourism Fair ‘Tourism on the Silk Road’, the first thing that draw your attention is the stand of Kashkadarya region. The stirring performances of folk ensembles of the region in colorful costumes catch the fancy of all visitors and participants of the Fair.

“Welcome to our region!” With these words the representatives of travel agencies and hotels of Kashkadarya region invite the guests, and introduce them with various cities of this wonderful land - Karshi, Shakhrisabz, Kitab…

Shakhrisabz located in the mountainous area draws attention of tourists with the scale of the reconstruction works implemented in the town of late, as well as the conditions created for guests. Everyone knows that the town is famous for its architectural monuments and hospitable people. UT correspondents decided to learn what has been done in the town in recent time to hold visitors longer than one day. Alisher Ismailov, the representative of the Shakhrisabz Star Hotel, which is the only hotel in the town, dwells upon the matter.

Is there competition in the hotel business in Shakhrisabz?
“The town has only one hotel. It is designed for 50 rooms of different levels of service, ranging from simple single rooms to luxury suite. However, with the reconstruction of the town we are seeing a significant increase in the flow of tourists, both locals and foreigners. And the tourism industry of the town has already responded to it: currently another hotel is under construction, which is designed for the most demanding guests. So come to our picturesque Shakhrisabz, and the town will accommodate everyone.”

How does your hotel will react to the emergence of competitors?
“Tour operators provides the increased flow of tourists offering them trips to our town. And, they grow in number. And we will try to keep our loyal customers with a high level of service and relatively low prices. I think the competition will positively impact on this area of services. In particular, now our hotel has a sauna and a restaurant, in the future we plan to expand the list of dishes offered by the restaurant, and open a gym. There are many ideas, and we will try to implement them in the near future.”

Have you got the idea to open another hotel in Shakhrisabz? It goes trendy now…
“Tourism develops, and the flow of tourists increases, then - why not.”

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