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Dilbar Karimberdiyeva: “Discovering Karakalpakstan, the New Opportunities”

Today Karakalpakstan in the tourist market is trying to compete with one of the major tourist centers in the country - Khiva.

Karakalpakstan has been actively represented its tourist potential in the market for the last 20 years. First, tourists explored the State Art Museum of Karakalpakstan. Then, largely due to the entrepreneurs entered in the tourist business, the other landmarks of Karakalpakstan began enjoying popularity with tourists. Those include various archeological sites, the Aral Sea, the tugai forests.

This destination got emerged in To’rtko’l District of Karakalpakstan with the help of enterprising, hospitable and adventurous Dilbar Karimberdiyeva. How she managed to attract the first tourists in the little-known To’rtko’l District, which is neighboring with a well-advertised tourist center Ichan Kala in Khiva? Dilbar Karimberdiyeva answered this question herself.

“Our To’rtko’l District is located on the road from Tashkent to Nukus, not far from us there is a bridge across the Amudarya connecting Khorezm region with Karakalpakstan. We had only to tell people about our region that the first capital of the once existed legendary Khorezm state was in the territory of Karakalpakstan and, of course, to create conditions to accommodate all willing to visit our district,” says Dilbar Karimberdiyeva. “It happened that I became one of the first entrepreneurs who began to create the necessary infrastructure.”

And did it in quite unconventional way for that time – you constructed the first yurt camp. We know that you live in To’rtko’l District, but for some reason, the camp was built in Ayaz-Kala in neighboring Beruniy District?

“The first two yurts I built in To’rtko’l District: one was for receiving guests, and the other was used for economic needs. And when I realized that it is claimed, I decided to establish a tourist yurt camp. We chose Ayaz-Kala, because it was a perfect place in terms of tourist attraction. First of all, the main attraction is a well-preserved archaeological site consisting of three buildings. Second, the four miracle of nature are located in one place - dunes, rocks, fort and Ayazkul Lake. Now we have 16 yurts and four in the reserve in case of a large influx of tourists. In addition, vast territory is enough to arrange trips on horseback or camels, as well as to organize a theatrical show.

In To’rtko’l District we develop tourism by building a new hotel, because it is the best way to create comfortable stay for our guests, while they explore all the ten archaeological sites located in our district. Our office is located in To’rtko’l District. We have two tourist bus, we can arrange a trip to almost anywhere in Karakalpakstan and Khorezm region.”

Other entrepreneurs, probably, have adopted the idea of ​​creating yurt camps?

“There have been attempts, but I have not heard any yurt camp worked at least for several years. As a rule, these entrepreneurs soon occupy other niche in tourism business.”

Within a complex of works on the development of tourism in Karakalpakstan, a lot has been done in Beruniy District and the town of Beruniy.”

“Major work is done on the improvement of the town, and two archaeological sites located close to the town. It should be noted that this is the first large settlement when entering Karakalpakstan from Khorezm region. Thus, the district should have all conditions to worthily welcome guests.”

In your opinion, what are the prospects of tourism development in Karakalpakstan?

“Extensive. We are continuing to develop the infrastructure that will allow all willing to see Karakalpakstan the way they had not even imagined.”

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