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Corn Tour to the Regions of Uzbekistan

Let’s talk about corn. Today, we look at this ingredient, which is quite popular in traditional meals of the peoples of Uzbekistan.

Corn is used in the Uzbek cuisine since long time. The most popular is a boiled corn.  It is barely possible to determine, which cultivar is tastier local and imported. But if to judge by the markets, then the local varieties are more popular. Boiled corn is actively sold in supermarkets and fast food outlets, but they are mostly offer foreign varieties. Why? It is possibly due to the technology of preparation. On the markets, it is usually home-made corn, boiled in water, while supermarkets sell steamed corn.

Milled corn is used as flour for baking bread. Today, this bread is a delicacy and it is cooked very rare, mostly in rural areas. Corn flour is the basis for popular delicacies - sweet corn sticks.

There are also lots of traditional recipes. One of such dishes is a corn with meat. The recipe of preparation is similar to how palov cooked. First meat with onions and carrots are fried and stewed, and then corn is added instead of rice. They boil together in plenty of water until ready, and water evaporated.

Corn is the ingredient of traditional meals in several regions of the country.

For example, in Fergana Valley, especially in Andijan, chopped corn cobs are frequently added to shurpa, the soup of meat and vegetables.

Karakalpakstan is famous for jugeri gurtuk. This is a kind of beshbarmak, but dough is replaced by dumplings made from corn flour. The dumplings are boiled in the broth in which the meat is cooked. Dumplings with meat and broth, usually served separately.

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