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UzLIDEP determined the position on implementation of the Concept of Administrative Reform in Uzbekistan

An urgent task is the formation of a completely new, efficient and qualitatively functioning public administration system, the organization of well-coordinated activities of government bodies and local executive bodies. These issues were discussed by specialists at the conference "State and Prospects of Development of Administrative Reform in Uzbekistan", initiated by UzLiDeP.

The decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on September 8, 2017 "On the approval of the Concept of Administrative Reform in the Republic of Uzbekistan" has become a logical and logical step in creating the appropriate institutional framework and introducing new principles for the activities of executive bodies and economic management bodies that meet modern requirements.
This Concept laid down such fundamental principles as "Human interests above all" and "Not the people should serve state bodies, and state bodies should serve the people".

The main goal of the conference is to communicate to the general public the essence and main provisions of the Concept of Administrative Reform in the Republic of Uzbekistan, its role in the processes of improving the activities of state bodies, the organization of an expert site for discussing the functioning of the public administration system capable of fully implementing the ongoing reforms, on the reflection in the program documents of the party of new trends in the system of public administration UzLiDeP active involvement in the process of implementing the provisions of the Concept.

The conference was preceded by regional conferences on this topic organized on the initiative of UzLiDeP on the basis of Samarkand, Bukhara and Karakalpak state universities, which allowed to expand the range of scientists involved in the discussion of this topical topic.

During the event, representatives of the scientific and expert circles reviewed and discussed the content of the Concept of Administrative Reform in the Republic of Uzbekistan, its main provisions and tasks, principles of liberalization of executive bodies, improvement of the coordination and interaction processes of executive bodies, removal of restrictions in the system of economic management for the introduction of market mechanisms, further improvement of the vertical management system and interaction of executive forming an effective system of professional civil service, studying foreign experience of modern forms of strategic planning, innovative ideas, developments and technologies, counteracting such negative phenomena as corruption, etc.

In the framework of comprehensive discussions and discussions, the conference participants developed a whole range of proposals for the active participation of UzLiDeP within the framework of the implementation of the Concept of Administrative Reform in the Republic of Uzbekistan, including the importance of intensifying the work on introducing appropriate changes and additions to the legislative framework for clearly defining the tasks assigned to the executive authorities, organizational and legal mechanisms for their implementation and delimitation of responsibilities; elimination of duplication of functions and overlapping of state regulatory and economic functions by the bodies of economic management; reduce the centralization of public functions and powers; development of administrative justice and implementation of collegial hearing of appeals; transfer of certain public functions to the private sector.

The importance of improving the legal framework for social and public-private partnership for increasing the participation of non-state non-profit organizations and business entities in addressing pressing social and economic problems was underscored. Separately, experts singled out the need to involve deputy groups in local Kengashs of people's deputies in the processes of increasing the initiative and the role of territorial executive authorities in the formation of development programs.
Speech during the conference was also about UzLiDeP's active participation in the processes of consistent improvement of the system of rendering public services and the further introduction of the Electronic Government system, as well as expanding and strengthening mechanisms for public and deputy control over the decision of local executive bodies on actual problems of the population and the implementation of programs social and economic development of the territories. 
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