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Special working groups will not allow to postpone implementation of the strategy

Severe critical analysis of the state of affairs on providing employment, reconstruction, overhaul and construction of social and educational facilities, as well as the implementation of the Program for the construction of affordable housing in the localities - was a key issue of the Cabinet of ministers meeting dedicated to the implementation of priority areas for the development of the social sphere in the framework of the "Strategy of Action on Five Priority Directions of Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021».

According to the analysis of the Commission, following the results of the first five months, the implementation of programs for the development of the social sphere in certain areas requires sharpening the attention of performers in the places and taking effective measures to remedy the situation.

Major overhaul, reconstruction and construction of social facilities, schools, colleges, healthcare institutions also requires the activation of actions, taking into account the solution of a set of tasks related to the timely allocation of funds, the qualitative preparation of project-system documents, increasing the responsibility of contractors for timely and high-quality implementation of strategic works.

The representatives of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations and the Ministry of Public Education responded to questions about what impedes the processes, what problems prevent the more rapid execution of the program, as regards the drafting of multilateral labor contracts with graduates.

Serious and detailed discussions took place around the issue of building affordable housing. During 2017, the construction of 15 thousand houses for the population is planned. The analysis showed that as of June 1, only the laying of the foundation for more than 13,000 dwelling houses has been started. Moreover, complaints are received from the public about the quality of houses already built, lack of infrastructure - provision of drinking water, electricity, gas and delay in the construction of internal roads. This topic provoked an active discussion, identified problems with regard to documentation, financing and the need to further improve the construction industry as a whole.

At the same time, the multilateral dialogue was aimed not at revealing the guilty, but on an open discussion of the causes and consequences, possible problems and obstacles, the search for solutions for timely implementation of the tasks of social sphere development in 2017 within the framework of the "Strategy of actions on the five priority directions of the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

Support was expressed for the proposal to set up five working groups of the commission, which would promptly monitor processes and take the necessary measures. In the near future "road maps" and network schedules for the execution of programs will be compiled. 
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